coloring artwork made for kids.

Make room on the fridge.

You had me at coloring.

Dear Friends,

MY FAVORITE COLORING BOOK is my life long dream of creating artwork for a series of coloring books. I didn't want to make art that could be colored. I wanted to make art that was meant to be colored.

There are so many cool coloring books made for adults. MY FAVORITE COLORING BOOK is made for kids.

-Regan Blayne

Check out the collection

  • Volume 1 - Everyone's Favorite Things
  • Volume 2 - My Favorite Things
  • Volume 3 - It's a Zoo Out There!
  • Volume 4 - Shape Up!
  • Volume 5 - Plant It!
  • Volume 6 - The Bold & Beautiful

What makes My FAVORITE COLORING BOOK different?

American made, local artist, small scale printer

Independently owned, locally printed, nationally shared

All volumes of MY FAVORITE COLORING BOOK are self-published. They are printed in my home town of Las Vegas, NV then shipped to kids all over the United States.


MY FAVORITE COLORING BOOK is always printed on recycled paper with soy based ink.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters

Quality is important. Kids deserve to color on high quality paper. All volumes of MY FAVORITE COLORING BOOK are printed on thick bright white paper. All the pages are perforated to make tearing out is hassle free. Sharing artwork after it's been colored has never been so easy.