Ready. Set. Color.

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My Favorite Coloring Book is a coloring book series intended for kids. They color my art which becomes their art.

Check out the coloring books

  • Volume 1 - Everyone's Favorite Things
  • Volume 2 - My Favorite Things
  • Volume 3 - It's a Zoo Out There!
  • Volume 4 - Shape Up!
  • Volume 5 - Plant It!
  • Volume 6 - The Bold & Beautiful

why My FAVORITE COLORING BOOK is a favorite

American made, local artist, small scale printer

Woman owned and locally made

All coloring books are self-published and always printed in the United States.

Environmentally-friendly materials

All of the books are printed on recycled paper with soy based ink.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters

Quality is important to me. Kids don't like coloring on low quality paper. They deserve better. Every coloring book is printed on thick bright white paper. Pages are always perforated so tearing out is hassle free. No kid loves jagged edges after they've spent the last thirty minutes coloring you something. It also makes sharing one book with two kids possible. There's no time for arguing. It's time to color.