Our Story


     Once upon a time in a far away land, we came up with the idea to make the best coloring books available for kids. It was a magical time where kids that owned a coloring book that truly excited them. They spent hours coloring in their books and were eager to share what they were creating.
   This is what MY FAVORITE COLORING BOOK is about. The importance of being creative and feeling proud of what you are making. We want our kids to express their imagination through their creations. As a kid, coloring was my favorite activity. It was something I could spend hours doing without wishing for the next fun thing. As I grew older, my love for coloring never faded. What did fade was the number of books available to color in.

      Sure, there were lots of cool coloring options for adults. But, what about ones made for kids? Being creative as an adult has importance. Being creative as a child is invaluable. The series of MY FAVORITE COLORING BOOK is all about bringing that value back.